S. IbakaS. IbakaPF402-80-00-06511111014+124
K. DurantK. DurantSF427-191-58-120131332231+323
K. PerkinsK. PerkinsC283-50-02-234701012+48
R. WestbrookR. WestbrookPG3711-242-49-1015642164+533
D. CookD. CookSG252-51-40-004403003+115
N. CollisonN. CollisonPF212-30-01-241502013+25
R. ReidR. ReidPF00-00-00-000000000+00
T. SefoloshaT. SefoloshaSF00-00-00-000000000+00
L. HaywardL. HaywardSF00-00-00-000000000+00
N. MohammedN. MohammedC00-00-00-000000000+00
C. AldrichC. AldrichC00-00-00-000000000+00
R. IveyR. IveyPG00-00-00-000000000+00
J. HardenJ. HardenPG363-110-54-716790012+410
E. MaynorE. MaynorPG00-00-00-000000000-40
R. JacksonR. JacksonPG113-61-20-002200011+47
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+/- denotes team's net points while the player is on the court
Fast Break Points: 23
Points in Paint: 42
Total Turnovers (Points Off Turnovers): 32 (15)
Flagrant Fouls: 0
Technical Fouls: 0
D. NowitzkiD. NowitzkiPF382-150-54-408822004-108
I. MahinmiI. MahinmiC233-80-00-045901022-46
R. BeauboisR. BeauboisPG323-131-32-204442004-59
S. MarionS. MarionSG336-150-20-0641020140-212
V. CarterV. CarterSG293-100-32-205521123-118
B. CardinalB. CardinalPF00-00-00-000000000+00
S. WilliamsS. WilliamsPF00-00-00-000000000+00
B. WrightB. WrightPF254-50-04-601100314-512
L. OdomL. OdomPF00-00-00-000000000+00
Y. JianlianY. JianlianSF90-20-01-203300310+01
B. HaywoodB. HaywoodC00-00-00-000000000+00
J. KiddJ. KiddPG00-00-00-000000000+00
D. JonesD. JonesSG00-00-00-000000000+00
J. TerryJ. TerrySG367-102-49-901132021-425
D. WestD. WestSG162-61-20-003330220-45
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+/- denotes team's net points while the player is on the court
Fast Break Points: 16
Points in Paint: 38
Total Turnovers (Points Off Turnovers): 30 (12)
Flagrant Fouls: 0
Technical Fouls: 4

NBA News

  • When Lance being Lance goes wrong

    Lance Stephenson falls as he gallops down the court, leading to a turnover and an easy Knicks basket.

  • Pistons fall to Hawks

    Andre Drummond records 25 points and 15 rebounds while Blake Griffin adds 23 points, but Detroit falls on the road in Atlanta 118-115.

  • Dedmon powers Hawks past Griffin, Pistons 118-115

    Dewayne Dedmon gave Atlanta the lead with a three-point play and then padded the margin with a 3-pointer, lifting the Hawks to a 118-115 win over Blake Griffin and Detroit Pistons on Sunday.