K. LoveK. LovePF277-144-93-4391221012+3521
L. JamesL. JamesSF3312-184-62-404474311+4630
T. ThompsonT. ThompsonC253-50-01-211210022+197
K. IrvingK. IrvingPG308-113-64-501131142+3723
J. SmithJ. SmithSG264-51-10-016700000+289
D. WilliamsD. WilliamsPF102-40-10-010110000-44
C. FryeC. FryePF143-61-20-001130012-27
R. JeffersonR. JeffersonSF193-72-42-423510210+610
D. WilliamsD. WilliamsPG172-40-20-003362002+204
I. ShumpertI. ShumpertSG122-22-21-214532012+207
D. JonesD. JonesSG60-20-00-002210000+30
J. JonesJ. JonesSG100-20-10-001100013-40
K. KorverK. KorverSG122-52-52-201100001+168
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+/- denotes team's net points while the player is on the court
Fast Break Points: 24
Points in Paint: 40
Total Turnovers (Points Off Turnovers): 12 (10)
Flagrant Fouls: 0
Technical Fouls: 0
J. CrowderJ. CrowderPF233-91-42-204411011-289
A. HorfordA. HorfordPF274-92-41-214520231-3411
I. ThomasI. ThomasPG180-60-22-203360010-322
A. BradleyA. BradleySG326-171-50-021300003-4213
G. GreenG. GreenSG142-42-30-000000011-196
J. JerebkoJ. JerebkoPF162-40-10-011220000-144
A. JohnsonA. JohnsonPF121-40-00-012312011-52
T. ZellerT. ZellerC144-60-00-022400121-18
K. OlynykK. OlynykC80-20-10-000001011-60
J. MickeyJ. MickeyC101-30-00-005500011+42
M. SmartM. SmartPG250-60-14-423571134-244
T. RozierT. RozierPG182-52-40-001130030-56
J. BrownJ. BrownSG247-110-25-513412035-1419
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+/- denotes team's net points while the player is on the court
Fast Break Points: 11
Points in Paint: 42
Total Turnovers (Points Off Turnovers): 21 (23)
Flagrant Fouls: 0
Technical Fouls: 3

NBA News

  • Harden shines in Rockets' victory

    James Harden drops 48 points and Chris Paul was active for the first time since October 17th, scoring 11 points in 21 minutes, to help the Rockets past the Suns 142-116.

  • Chris Paul returns as Rockets score franchise-record 90 points in half

    Chris Paul was spectacular in his return after missing almost a month because of a bruised knee, as he led the Rockets to a franchise-record 90 points in the first half of Thursday's 142-116 rout of the Suns.

  • Harden erupts for 48 points

    Sharing a backcourt with Chris Paul for the first time in 14 games did little to slow down Harden offensively. He finished with 48 points and went a perfect 18-18 from the line.