Updated: April 14, 2010, 1:22 AM ET

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Celtics Want To Avoid Wade

By Chris Forsberg

Does Dwyane Wade have the ability to take over a series against Boston?

Before Andrew Bogut's season-ending arm injury, the argument about whom the Boston Celtics wanted to see in the postseason probably tipped more in the favor of Miami than Milwaukee. Now the general opinion seems to be swaying back toward the Bucks, particularly after Boston's victory in Milwaukee on Saturday night.

But for those who are having a hard time trying to pick a side to root for during the final week of the regular season, consider this: Boston has struggled mightily against opposing superstars over the last month of the season. So before you lobby for Miami, consider the Dwyane Wade factor.

Celtics coach Doc Rivers has, and not just because he loves to gush about a fellow Marquette alum. Rivers has mentioned multiple times over the past two weeks that, should the Celtics draw Miami, the best player on the court will be on the opposing team, which is always a dangerous proposition in the postseason.

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