Updated: July 1, 2010, 7:12 PM ET

Free-Agency Frenzy: NY, NJ Meetings

Don't Count Out Cleveland Just Yet

By Melissa Isaacson

CHICAGO -- Bulls fans think they're nervous waiting to hear LeBron James' decision?

Remember this: You can't miss what you never had.

Cleveland, on the other hand …

Well, what about Cleveland? Almost overlooked in the crush of rumors covering everything -- from what James will decide to where he will decide it and what he will be wearing when he does -- is that Cavs fans, longtime Clevelanders say, are divided.

There is the "for the love of God, let's just get this over with" contingent; those cursed by an instinctive pessimism that James is a goner; and the true believers who can't imagine that he would turn his back on home, family, his team.

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Mavericks' Chase Of Dirk Is On

By Jeff Caplan

DALLAS -- As if Wednesday's strange communication/travel gaffe was needed to hint at what a wild free-agency period awaits.

As Dallas Mavericks president Donnie Nelson stood in line at the ticket counter, about an hour before he was to board a plane bound for Germany to put the full-court press on unrestricted free agent Dirk Nowitzki, Holger Geschwindner, Nowitzki's lifelong personal coach, mentor and de facto agent, rang Nelson's cell phone.

For whatever reason, at the 11th hour, Nowitzki and Geschwindner decided they were coming to Dallas.

Why Nowitzki hadn't planned to be in Dallas in the first place is bewildering in itself.

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Questions Abound In Boston

By Chris Forsberg

News that Doc Rivers will return to the Boston bench next season sends the Celtics into free agency with renewed confidence that they can reassemble and strengthen a championship-caliber roster.

But unless the 48-year-old Rivers plans to dust off his high-tops, he's going to need bodies -- as many as 11 players to fill the voids left by free agency and (potential) retirement -- in order to make a run at another world title. So there remains a great deal of uncertainty about how exactly the Celtics' offseason will play out.

Can Boston bring back the core that's made the team so successful the past three seasons? And is that the best course of action moving forward?

Read the rest from Forsberg at ESPN Boston.


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