Updated: July 5, 2010, 9:50 PM ET

Free Agency Update: Latest Buzz

'Things Are Getting Very Interesting'

By Chad Ford

Dwyane Wade began the free-agency period in Chicago, holding meetings with the Bulls and Nets on Thursday and the Knicks on Friday. But it was a second meeting with the Bulls on early Friday evening that has everyone reassessing where Wade stands.

Wade met with the Bulls for a second time on Friday, but left the meeting without making a formal commitment to the Bulls.

The 2½-hour meeting included the Bulls' front office, Wade and his agent Henry Thomas.

"Things are getting very interesting," Wade said after the meeting.

The same source told ESPN.com earlier on Friday that Wade went into the meeting leaning toward committing to the Bulls. After the meeting, Wade still had not committed, according to the source. The source said Wade was still torn between Miami and Chicago and was waiting to see what LeBron James and Chris Bosh would like to do. Wade would prefer to play with Bosh in either Miami or Chicago and is also open to playing with LeBron.

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