Updated: October 13, 2010, 12:05 PM ET

2010-11 Preview: San Antonio Spurs

By John Hollinger

Amazingly, the window remains open.

It sure didn't look like it for most of last season. At times, in fact, the Spurs looked a little desperate, spending far beyond their usual means to try to keep the Duncan-Ginobili-Parker crew's championship window open a bit longer. The most notable example came when San Antonio brought in exactly the kind of player it had spent a dozen years avoiding: Richard Jefferson, a declining second-tier star with a huge contract.

Seven other new players joined the roster, and for much of the season the result was that the Spurs never quite looked like the Spurs. Tony Parker missed 26 games and struggled with a plantar fascia injury, Tim Duncan's loss of mobility made a once-impregnable defense a bit more porous and newly arrived starters Jefferson and Antonio McDyess underwhelmed.

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