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The long shorts stopper

Excerpts from NBA commissioner David Stern's chat on ESPN.com:

Joe (Chicago): What do you have against long shorts?

David Stern: I don't have anything against long shorts. We just need to define "long" and I don't think you should turn them into pants or slacks. Because then they wouldn't be "uniform", so we settled on within an inch of the knee. We're not talking about Jerry West or John Stockton shorts. This has been in effect for many years.

Tony (Baltimore): Can you clear up the situation in Seattle with Reggie Evans being drug tested during the game?

David Stern: When players are unable to give a sample before the game, then they can do it at half or after the game. Someone lost track of time/clock in this case, so we've determined that no more tests will be given at halftime.

Ben (Arizona): The dress code I can understand, what I dont get is the headphone policy. Some players use music as pre-game meditation to get ready and to be a better player for the fans. How do you justify taking that away from them?

David Stern: I think that when players are on the court, we want them to concentrate on getting ready, but also be able to acknowledge the fans. And from that standpoint, headphones are a distraction.

Ali (Chicago): Commissioner Stern, let me begin by saying that I think that you are by far the best commissioner of all the major professional sports leagues. What I would like to ask is, are you concerned that the perception that the NBA is attempting to distance itself from the "hip-hop culture" may cost the league more fans than it gains? Even if this is not an explicit goal of the NBA and its corporate partners, there's no question that a large segment of the public (and even the players) believes that it is. Are you alienating more people than you're bringing in?

David Stern: I think that's a very good and fair question. We don't think that asking players to show their respect for the game and the fans by appropriate attire is going to alienate anybody. It certainly isn't our intention to go against the Hip Hop Culture. The last time there was a flap about the shorts being too long, people were saying we were trying to rid the NBA of gang culture.

JC (Boston): Why are PA systems in your NBA arenas allowed to pipe in music/sound while the ball is in play? If home fans can't get pumped up and make noise on their own then there is something really wrong with your league. The game should be the entertainment and able to stand up alone without canned music.
David Stern: JC, I agree with you. Unfortunately, most of our teams don't and think that the fans like the entertainment. We're trying to find a few games to experiment with for teams to give us a "silent night" so to speak.

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Talk back to the Daily Dime gang

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Let Grandma Be The Judge Of That
Baron Davis greets his grandmother, Lela Nicholson, who raised him, before Wednesday's Warriors-Suns game in Oakland. She judges the "Meet Baron Davis" essay contest for Bay Area youth.

Ford: Marvin Will Still Be Marvelous

Warren (NY, NY): Wait a second, didn't you call Marvin Williams potentially the most talented player in the draft? And I agree, Knight has done an awful job. He has a glut at the wing positions.

Chad Ford: I'm not bashing Marvin. He was my top rated prospect in the draft and I think he's going to be awesome. I had Paul rated No. 2 and the gap wasn't that big. My only point is that the Hawks needed a franchise point guard and Paul is going to be just that -- he has an outside shot at the All-Star game this year.

You only pick talent over position when there is a CLEAR gap between the two. There wasn't this year and now the Hawks have to figure a way, via trade, free agency or the next draft, to find that point guard. Free agency is weak at the position next year. None of the players they're willing to trade would get them a point guard the caliber of Paul in return.

Their only hope is via the draft. And as good as the point guard prospects are in the draft (and Kentucky's Rajon Rondo would be a good fit for the way Atlanta wants to play) none of them are quite the prospect that Paul is. Once you take all of those factors into consideration, I think they should've drafted Paul.

Maverick (Cleveland): Still have LeBron as your MVP?

Chad Ford: Yes. Though I think in a few ways, he was actually having a better season last season. We made a lot of fuss about his improved three point shot this season, but over time it's flattened back out and he's actually shooting threes less accurately than he did last season.

Elton Brand is getting a lot of love and he deserves it. He's leading the Clippers this year on an improbable run. I love that the crowd was chanting MVP the other night. It couldn't be happening to a nicer guy. My darkhorse is Marcus Camby. If the Nuggets were playing better, I think he'd be getting some serious play.

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NBA Intelligence Report

Gasol's Teammates Didn't Dig Dirk's Dis
"Nowitzki said: '(Pau Gasol) is a good player but he's not that good. We should have had an answer for him.' Now, fast forward to the eve of a Memphis-Dallas rematch tonight in FedExForum. The dis had been cast, and Gasol's teammates didn't appreciate Dirk's disregard. 'I don't even know why (Nowitzki's) talking,' reserve guard Bobby Jackson said. Asked if he heard Nowitkzi's comment, Gasol said: 'Sure did. It just makes me want to go out there and take it really hard to all of them and have a great game and help my team win again,' Gasol said." -- Memphis Commercial-Appeal

Wallace's Slump Seems To Be Contagious
"The Bobcats were 2-1 in the games Wallace dominated and easily could have been 3-0, losing at the buzzer in Boston. The team is 0-5 with him slumping. Coincidence? No way. Wallace represents this team's energy, and he hasn't attacked the basket or the rebounds the way he did during his hot streak in November. It's telling that he totaled three free-throw attempts in those five games, vs. 12 trips to the line in the previous three games." -- Charlotte Observer

Chandler: I Have To Worry About My Health
"An intriguing tangent to (Tyson) Chandler's mysterious ailment is (Scott) Skiles' stance toward it. Publicly, Skiles sounds hardhearted when asked about it. 'Tyson looked the same,' Skiles said of Chandler's workout Thursday. 'He looks the same to me as the day I got here.' Chandler shot back with equal indifference. 'I couldn't care less. I have to worry about my health,' Chandler said of Skiles' disposition." -- Chicago Tribune

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Officer Shaq: A Big Oath
Heat center Shaquille O'Neal was sworn in as a reserve police officer Thursday in Miami Beach. O'Neal hopes to be a police chief or county sheriff one day.

Extreme Behavior

Thursday's Best
Stephen Jackson, Pacers swingman Entering the Wizards game, his most prominent on-court distinction was leading the league in technicals. This is more like it. He made 13-of-18 FGs en route to 30 points in the 111-87 win.


Thursday's Worst
Austin Croshere, Pacers forward: Had the worst night only because he got caught in a winter storm. He didn't make it to Conseco until halftime. Shaking off the stiffness of sitting in the car for hours, he started the second half and finished with five points and two rebounds.


Quote of the Night
"We were really unfamiliar with each other at the end of the games early on, but we're still building, and we have enough confidence to win close games now."
-- Suns guard Steve Nash, whose team aims for its ninth straight win Friday, against the visiting Knicks (ESPN, 10 ET)

See how all 40 who played stacked up

-- Andrew Ayres

Pip's Number Is Up Friday

You've probably heard me say this before but, Michael Jordan, the greatest basketball player who ever lived, never won a single championship without Scottie Pippen. Enough said.
-- Greg Anthony

It's unfortunate that Scottie was not given the opportunity to lead that Blazer team like he should have led the Bulls. It was obvious to me that he was trying to make amends for his previous mistakes. I just wish he had more willing teammates. It would have been a fitting way to end his career.

Not a lot of people know that about Scottie. But I saw the trasformation first hand. It's too bad more people did not get to see it: Scottie had become a complete player.
-- Will Perdue

Bulls to hoist Pip's number

Elias Says

The Kings finished their homestand with a record of 0-4, losing to the Rockets after dropping decisions to the Heat, Timberwolves, and Cavaliers. It was Sacramento's longest winless homestand in 13 years. Since moving to Sacramento in 1985, the Kings had only two other winless homestands of four or more games: five losses in 1986 and four losses in 1992.

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Please Restore National Honor

If logistics allow, U.S. national team point man Jerry Colangelo plans to speak to as many as 35 players before extending any formal invitations. Count Chris Bosh among those ready to don the red, white and blue.

"I've met with five players and laid out everything expected of them regarding the commitment, and what's expected of them on and off the court," Colangelo told ESPN.com. "So far, I'm five-for-five with the guys I've spoken to about participating. And some players who were pessimistic in their comments a couple of months ago are now soliciting an invitation."

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Eat My Shorts, Stop Traveling

Does the length of shorts worn by players like Jermaine O'Neal, Stephon Marbury and Kyle Korver bother you? (12,478 votes)
83.3% No
16.6% Yes

What would you like the NBA to focus most heavily on abolishing? (12,498 votes)
62.8% Traveling
30.9% Taunting
6.2% Long shorts

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