Kevin Martin
Shooting Guard (Rank: #26) | 6-7, 185
Western Carolina
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Kevin Martin
Kevin Martin
Notes: One of the best scorers in the country both his sophomore and junior seasons. Averaged 22.8 ppg as a sophomore. Ranked second nationally in scoring this season with a 24.8 ppg average.

Upside: An explosive scorer that gets it done from the perimeter and by relentlessly taking the ball to the basket. Averaged nearly 10 free throw attempts per game shooting at an 82 percent clip. Has a long wing span that allows him to defend multiple positions. A very good athlete.

Downside: His thin, rail-like body concerns some scouts. His build reminds some of Detroit's Tayshaun Prince. He takes a lot of three pointers but doesn't shoot them with much accuracy. He shot 33 percent from behind the arc last season; 31 percent the year before. His assist-to-turnover ratio is awful.

Insider Projection: He doesn't have much to lose at this point. He's already dominating his league and can't transfer at this point. Several scouts like him and believe he could be a late first round sleeper. The fact that he pulled out of the Chicago camp at the last minute probably didn't help his stock. The group workout he did was just marginal. Teams like the Celtics, Heat and Nuggets all like him, but will anyone use a first round pick on him?



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