Peter John Ramos
Center (Rank: #80) | 7-3, 266
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Peter John Ramos
Questions about Peter John Ramos' attitude and work ethic concern some scouts.
Notes: Ramos may be the only guy in the United States to be playing both professional and high school ball at the same time (unless you count Sebastian Telfair). Scouts have been watching him closely for several years. Played in the Global Games and in the Olympic Qualifying Tournament for under-18 year olds. Ramos dropped 30 points and had 20 boards against former NBA big man Stanley Roberts in April. Roberts was held to two points and four boards playing against Ramos. Has entered the draft and hired an agent, but is considered an international player by the NBA and can pull his name out of the draft if he doesn't like his status.

Upside: He's enormous. He's pretty strong and has a developing post game. Has a nice hook shot and a soft touch on his jumper with range out to 15 feet. When he plays aggresively on offense, he can be tough to stop. Fundamentally he's pretty sound for a big man. He's a good passer for a big man. Unlike Pavel, he's gotten plenty of playing experience over the past few years in a number of venues. Ramos' agent, Andrew Vye, sent me a third video tape of Ramos from a game he played April 20. In the game Ramos scored 30 points and had 9 rebounds. It was, by far, the most impressive look at the big kid so far. He runs the floor very well, shows surprising touch from 15 feet, puts the ball on the floor on several occasions and attacks the basket and is generally aggressive on the offensive side of the floor. The bottom line? In that game, almost every time Ramos touched the ball something good happened.

Downside: Like all young big men, he's still got a long way to go. He's got a good frame on him, but he isn't nearly as strong as Pavel is. Defensively his effort is pretty weak. He allows much smaller players to shoot over him. Doesn't keep his hands up. Some scouts have questioned his focus and desire to play the game.

Insider Projection: Ramos may be the hottest name in the draft right now. He's putting up big numbers in Puerto Rico lately and the scouts who have made the trip down to Puerto Rico have generally been impressed. Vye has also hired Billy Bayno, the same guy who ran Pavel Podkolzine's workout last year, to help him get prepared for the draft. Bayno, on the video, claims that Ramos is a quick learner and that based on what he's seen, he's a top 10 pick in the draft. There are several GMs, who've only seen Ramos recently, who are saying the same thing. But beware of the hype. Scouts who have been following Ramos for a much longer time think that there are major issues on the court and off the court that will eventually bring his stock back to earth. Questions about his head, work ethic and attitude are everywhere among scouts who've seen him longer. Two scouts compared him to Loren Woods, another talented big kid who never could keep his head in the game. He could go anywhere from 12 to 29. That's the biggest range in the draft.



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