2018 NBA draft

NBA Mock Draft 2018

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  • New teams for top prospects

    The Phoenix Suns have won the NBA draft lottery.

    Who will they take, and where will the rest of the top prospects land? Insider

Who's in, testing?

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  • Tracking the top prospects

    Who has declared for the 2018 NBA draft, and who's testing the waters? We're tracking the prospects in our Top 100 rankings.

Traded Picks

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  • Draft assets for every team

    What upcoming draft picks does every NBA team owe and own? Here's our team-by-team breakdown. Insider

nba draft 2018

Deandre Ayton could fill 'huge hole' up front for Suns

Amin Elhassan expects the Suns to select Deandre Ayton with the No. 1 overall pick, and says Michael Porter Jr. could be a great pick despite injury concerns.


Top Headlines

nba draft 2018

Where will Doncic land in NBA Draft?

Jonathan Givony calls Slovenian prospect Luka Doncic "the best pure basketball player in the draft."




Jackson not sure if Young is ready for New York pressure

Stephen Jackson questions whether Trae Young could handle the pressure that would come with being drafted by the Knicks.




Stephen A.: 'It's ignorant' for Suns to shop No. 1 pick

Stephen A. Smith has no idea why the Suns are open to trading their number one pick when DeAndre Ayton will fit with the franchise.


nba draft 2018

Ball or Nothin' - Episode 14: The NBA Draft Lottery jackpot. Who's #1?

Who is the projected Aussie first rounder Jock Landale? It's the Suns' time to rise, who will they pick first? DeAndre Ayton, Luka Doncic, Trae Young, or Michael Porter Jr.? Can Puma make a sneaker comeback? And, the Hamptons 5's house is for sale.




Williams: Ayton will be a point guard's dream

In the Next Level, Jay Williams calls Deandre Ayton a "Swiss army knife" with a tool for every situation.




Trae Young lethal creating from downtown

The Next Level with Jay Williams breaks down Trae Young's ability to create his own shot from behind the arc and driving to the hoop.




Sexton embraces physicality

The Next Level with Jay Williams takes an in depth look at Collin Sexton's game and who he compares to most as Sexton prepares for the NBA.




Williams: Bamba's defense erases mistakes

The Next Level with Jay Williams describes how Mohamed Bamba is in the 1 percent of big defenders that can havoc hedging against guards.




Williams: Williams likens Bagley to the next Derrick Coleman

The Next Level with Jay Williams breaks down what he likes most from Marvin Bagley III's game.


nba draft 2018

Ask an NBA prospect

Top prospects Deandre Ayton, Michael Porter Jr., Mohamed Bamba and Mikal Bridges discuss their games and answer if they Fortnite.


nba draft 2018

Porter believes he's the best player in draft

Michael Porter Jr. understands the risks teams might be feeling selecting him but thinks he is the top choice in this draft.


nba draft 2018

2018 NBA draft class full of athleticism

With an incoming rookie class that is set to include Trae Young, Marvin Bagley III and Luka Doncic, the NBA will be getting a lot of great athletes.


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