Redick to resume workouts next week

Duke senior guard J.J. Redick will resume NBA draft workouts next week at Orlando, Boston and possibly New Orleans after sitting out this week with a bad back.

Redick's agent Arn Tellem told ESPN.com on Wednesday that Redick canceled his workouts set for Orlando (Wednesday) and Boston (Saturday) on Monday because he needed to rest his aching back.

Early Tuesday morning, Redick was arrested in Durham for driving while intoxicated and making an illegal U-turn.

Tellem said that Redick didn't fail a physical in Orlando at the pre-draft camp.

"He's fine, it's nothing serious," Tellem said.

Boston general manager Danny Ainge told ESPN.com that the bad back was a reason given for Redick's decision to cancel the workout.

Tellem is confident that despite the DWI and this latest back issue that Redick will go high in the draft. The projected number is somewhere between 7-14 in the draft. Redick has already worked out for No. 8 Houston, No. 9 Golden State, No. 10 Seattle and No. 14 Utah. Boston picks No. 7, Orlando No. 11 and New Orleans No. 12. Tellem said there could be one more team that Redick works out for before the June 28th draft.

Still, the DWI could cause concern for some.

"I think it does affect [Redick] in the way that you just have to dig deeper now," said Utah general manager Kevin O'Connor about researching Redick before making the selection. "There was no back issue when he was here. He was fine. He was in great shape."

Tellem reiterated that Redick simply needed to rest his back this week. He was in Orlando over the weekend at the pre-draft camp going through the extensive physical testing before returning to Durham on Monday. Redick had been training out in Los Angeles the past two months.

Andy Katz is a senior writer at ESPN.com