NBA Lottery Mock Draft: How it works

ESPN.com's Lottery Mock Draft is based on the actual NBA Lottery. Each team in the lottery has a chance to win the first pick of the 2013 NBA Draft.

When you open ESPN.com's Lottery Mock Draft, you see the current "lottery standings." The first team listed is the NBA's worst team.

Then, when you click the "PLAY LOTTERY" button, you can see the lottery in action, according to the NBA's lottery formula.

NBA Draft Insider Chad Ford has provided an analysis of which player each team is likely to take, for each of the 2,184 potential lottery outcomes.

Just click on the player's name to learn more about him. When you see the player card, click on the link to see Chad's complete Insider draft coverage.

Key points

Of the 30 teams in the NBA, 16 make the playoffs and the other 14 are in the lottery (unless they have traded their draft pick).

The NBA lottery formula gives the greatest chance to the worst team in the lottery and the smallest chance to the best team in the lottery, according to each team's regular-season record.

The lottery is used to select which teams get the first three picks in the draft. Then the other 11 teams that qualified for the lottery are placed in the draft in reverse order of their winning percentage, with the worst teams drafting ahead of the better teams.

Key trade

The Oklahoma City Thunder receive the Toronto Raptors' pick if it is in the range of No. 4 to No. 14.

Key dates

April 28: Early entry eligibility deadline

May 16-17: NBA Combine

May 21: NBA Draft Lottery

June 17: Early-entry withdrawal deadline

June 27: NBA Draft