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Why the Sixers believe Embiid, Simmons and Fultz are enough

With an unproven point guard, inexperienced GM and two completely different young superstars, how will the post-Process Sixers repay the trust?

Abbie Parr/Getty Images

Who built it better: the Celtics or Sixers?

Are the Sixers or Celtics on the better path to sustained success? Jackie MacMullan and Brian Windhorst debate their journeys to East powerhouse status.

2018-19 season predictions

Experts' award picks: Will LeBron's move to L.A. lead to an MVP?

Who will win top individual honors in 2018-19? Our NBA writers and analysts make their predictions for MVP, top rookie and more.

Experts' Finals predictions: Who's picking against a Warriors 3-peat?

Are the Warriors a lock for their fifth straight Finals appearance? Who from the East could join them, and does it matter?

Lowe's early NBA predictions: Who gets an extension?

Zach Lowe predicts which 2015 first-round picks will agree to new deals before Monday's deadline.

NBA Preview

Uni Watch NBA season preview

Welcome to a new NBA season full of new looks, new courts and the full force of LockerVision.

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Season preview! Ranking your team's 2018-19 drama

Is there any Stranger Thing than what the Lakers did this summer? Did we just turn all 30 NBA teams into TV dramas? Yes ... yes, we did.

Breaking down all 30 NBA teams, TV Guide-style

There's no NBA storyline the stars of "High Noon" won't tackle. This season you won't want to look away. Partner

Power Rankings, Week 1: From Butler to LeBron and beyond, storylines abound in 2018-19

Warriors' dominance in Western Conference shows no sign of relenting

Why every Western Conference team is trying to win in 2018-19

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