Did Knicks and Pacers win the Melo and PG-13 trades with OKC?

Oladipo throws down 360 dunk (0:21)

Victor Oladipo makes a steal and finishes the easy fast break with a dunk in the third quarter. (0:21)

When the Indiana Pacers and New York Knicks square off Monday night, it will be a reunion for four members of last year's Oklahoma City Thunder: Indiana's Victor Oladipo and Domantas Sabonis and New York's Enes Kanter and Doug McDermott.

Both the Pacers (Paul George) and the Knicks (Carmelo Anthony) traded veteran All-Stars to the Thunder this summer in deals that seemed to signify the beginning of a rebuilding process for the two Eastern Conference teams. Yet seven weeks into the season, Indiana (12-11) and New York (11-11) have better records than Oklahoma City (10-12). And while that's largely due to the Thunder's unsustainable futility in close games, the Knicks and Pacers are battling for playoff spots in an unexpectedly loaded East.

Did Indiana and New York actually get the better of their trades with Oklahoma City? Let's look at how the players involved have performed.