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Monday, March 3
Updated: April 15, 12:37 PM ET
Center reportedly considering heart surgery news services

BELGRADE, Serbia-Montenegro -- Detroit Pistons center Zeljko Rebraca might quit basketball because of an irregular heartbeat that has sidelined him for more than two months.

Rebraca, 31, has been going through limited practices since leaving a Dec. 21 game against New Jersey because of an accelerated pulse.

Rebraca said he was considering heart surgery to eliminate the problem after consulting with doctors in the United States and Italy.

"The problem is that it is still unknown whether these operations leave consequences in five to 10 years," Rebraca said Monday while visiting Belgrade. "There is a risk."

Rebraca, who averaged 6.3 points, 2.9 rebounds and 16 minutes in 26 games this season, has not discussed quitting basketball with the team, Pistons spokesman Kevin Grigg said.

Joe Dumars, the team's president of basketball operations, told the Detroit Free Press that he had set up a teleconference with Rebraca and his representatives to make sure everyone was still in agreement.

"We know by being in constant contact with Zelly, his doctors, agent and doctors over here that he's still exploring the possibilities to resolve this issue," John Hammond, a team vice president, told the Free Press. "Nothing yet has been decided as far as the options he may choose in dealing with the situation."

According to the newspaper, Rebraca might wait until his third child is born to make a decision about his future. His wife, Daniela, is expecting in a few weeks.

"This is an ongoing process with him, in terms of figuring out which way he wants to go with treatment," Grigg said. "Right now, we've been on a course with medication, tying to find the right amount of medication that will allow him to continue playing at an NBA level."

Information from The Associated Press was used in this report.

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