'You weren't in the room'

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- Two days after a postgame
discussion with his New Jersey Nets teammates following a 47-point
loss to Memphis, Jason Kidd took on the media for its account of
the talk.

The All-Star point guard insisted Monday that he never screamed
at teammates at a 30-minute, closed-door team meeting after the
Nets' 110-63 loss Saturday night to the Grizzlies.

Loud arguments, often decorated with profanity, could be heard
in the hallway after the game in Memphis. Several area newspapers
reported that Kidd's voice could be heard clearly at times.

"I didn't yell," Kidd said Monday. "You guys had your ear on
the door. I wasn't speaking to you guys, so you figured you needed
to get close. You weren't in the room. It wasn't directed toward
you guys.

"What I said was to my teammates. I respect my teammates as
much as they respect me. It wasn't anything out of character. It
was the way I thought the team was feeling at the time and I
thought I would just express it."

The two-time defending Eastern Conference champions have
struggled this season, posting an 11-12 record. The poor
performance has raised speculation that coach Byron Scott's job
might be in jeopardy.

Kidd was annoyed that his locker room talk drew so much

"If you weren't in there, it wasn't directed toward you guys,
so there was nothing to write about," he said. "A lot of stuff
you guys have written was way out in right field."

Kidd refused to explain what might have been misrepresented in
the postgame stories.

"When you get the invitation in the mail, then you can write
it," Kidd said. "If you are not invited to the party, don't write

A reporter told Kidd that it's newsworthy when the team's best
player could be heard screaming through the door.

"You're lying!" Kidd said. "I wasn't screaming."

Since coming to New Jersey and helping transform the Nets from
an also-ran to a title contender, Kidd has spoken his mind to the
team on at least two or three other occasions, Scott said.

Scott felt the postgame talk was positive. He also said after
the postgame yelling, everyone calmed down.

"Any time you lose a game and get outplayed on both ends, some
things are going to come up," Scott said. "Some things are going
to be discussed in that locker room as it was. I told the guys
today it was good you get all that out."

Guard Lucious Harris said no one on the team was offended by
Kidd, who chastised -- then challenged -- teammates in his talk.
There were reports that someone went back at Kidd as he was
speaking, but no one on the team would confirm that.

"If you lose by 50 points, you let it out," Harris said.
"Maybe it was good for us to let it all out."

Forward Kenyon Martin also said he had no problem with anything
Kidd said.

"We look up to Jason as our leader, and he spoke up," Martin