Woods to pay $1,096 after traffic arrest

PORTLAND, Ore. -- Portland Trail Blazers forward Qyntel Woods has been ordered to pay a $1,096 fine after pleading "no
contest" to charges stemming from a traffic arrest.

Woods was cited last March when he was stopped for speeding and
an officer smelled marijuana wafting from his Cadillac.

The player reportedly offered only his basketball trading card
and two credit cards as identification, leading to charges of
driving while uninsured and operating a motor vehicle without a
driver's license.

The scheduled appearance Tuesday, marked the second time in less
than one week that Woods, who is on the road with the struggling
Blazers, did not appear in court.

But his lawyer, Doug Stringer, said the basketball player is
allowed to waive his right to appear on his own behalf, given that
his charges were a civil violation, not a felony.

Last week, Woods was on the road playing the Los Angeles Clippers and this week, he is in Sacramento preparing for a
match-up against the Sacramento Kings, who have the NBA's best record.

Stringer said other charges related to the traffic stop had
already been resolved.

Last April, Woods initially pleaded not guilty to the charges of
marijuana possession.

But Stringer changed the plea last week to "no contest."

The change reflects that Woods does not admit guilt, but
concedes that there might be enough evidence for a conviction.

"It's an agreement not to contest the charges, without
admitting the charges are correct," said Stringer.

Woods was previously fined after he pleaded guilty to charges of
driving while uninsured, operating a motor vehicle without a
driver's license and illegal window tinting following a traffic
stop last Feb. 18.