Kobe jury questionnaire

Some of the questions appearing on the 82-item questionnaire
given to prospective jurors in the Kobe Bryant sexual assault case:

  • Have you ever studied or received training in medicine,
    psychology, psychiatry, social work, sociology or counseling?

  • Have you received any training in law, law enforcement or

  • What are your feelings about the sexual assault laws in

  • Do you think that people who make a lot of money are treated
    better by our court system than other people?

  • Have you or anyone close to you ever felt in danger of being
    sexually assaulted by another person, including a stranger,
    acquaintance or family member?

  • Do you have any bias for or against mental health care

  • Have you ever been afraid of or had any negative experience with
    an African-American individual?

  • In your opinion, in general do African Americans in our society
    experience (check one): a great deal of racial discrimination; some
    amount of racial discrimination; or no racial discrimination?

  • How do you feel about interracial relationships?

  • Do you have particularly strong feelings about, or have you or
    anyone close to you ever been affected by or involved in, a
    situation of marital infidelity?

  • Which of the following best describes your opinion of
    professional basketball players: very positive; positive; negative;
    very negative?

  • There has been media coverage involving professional athletes
    being criminally charged. Which of these cases, if any, have you