'They think I'm uncoachable'

MONTERREY, Mexico -- Former NBA star Dennis Rodman thinks
his bad-boy image is hurting his chance of a comeback.

"They think I'm uncoachable and I don't know why," Rodman said
Friday. "I'm just a free and independent person."

Rodman, 43, hasn't played pro basketball since 2000 when he was
waived by the NBA's Dallas Mavericks after a 29-day stint with the
team. He was let go a day after he slammed owner-in-waiting Mark

Rodman is in Monterrey to play two games with the city's Fuerza
Regia team.

"I'm ready to come back," Rodman said. "I'm in good shape and
I know I can do well."

Rodman was in Colorado last month where he practiced with the
Denver Nuggets. General manager Kiki Vandeweghe would not comment
on Rodman's situation.