Another potential distraction for Nuggets star

DENVER -- A homemade DVD shows Denver Nuggets star Carmelo Anthony with a man who warns that people who tip police about drug deals "get a hole in their head."

The remark was apparently made in a conversation on a street in
Baltimore, where Anthony grew up. In excerpts broadcast on
television stations in Denver and Baltimore on Thursday, Anthony
does not appear to be participating in that part of the discussion.

Anthony's agent, Calvin Andrews, said Anthony "did not
knowingly participate in the production of this DVD and does not
approve of its message or content."

In a written statement, Andrews said Anthony visited with people
from his old neighborhood in Baltimore last summer.

"Carmelo has never denied the fact that he comes from a tough
neighborhood. He does not condone some of the things that happen
there and has worked very hard to rise above that difficult
environment," Andrews said.

The DVD was shown just hours before the Nuggets were to play the
Cleveland Cavaliers in Anthony's highly anticipated matchup with
LeBron James.

Anthony scored 14 points in a 92-73 loss and did not speak with

"Do I remember? Nah, not at all," he said, walking down a
hallway at the Pepsi Center. A reporter then asked "Where do you
think all this came from, Carmelo?"

"Man, I have no idea," Anthony said before disappearing
through a doorway.

The DVD is the latest in a series of off-the-court distractions
for the Nuggets star.

He got into a bar fight in New York in September, and police
arrested two men on extortion charges for allegedly trying to sell
him a videotape of the fight for $3 million.

Airport inspectors found marijuana in Anthony's backpack in
October, but prosecutors dropped a drug charge after a friend said
the marijuana was his and Anthony didn't know about it. The friend,
James Cunningham of St. Louis, now faces a charge of possessing
less than an ounce of marijuana.

Nuggets coach Jeff Bzdelik said he knew nothing about the video
but said distractions like this can hurt the team.

"Let's put it this way: This is their job," Bzdelik said.
"I'm speaking generally now. In order to perform their job well,
you have to have a concentrated effort, 24-7, on your job. When
something affects one player, it can trickle down and I think
that's just a general statement for all of us, whether it be a
coach, an assistant coach, or a player."

The DVD also shows a laughing Anthony saying his Olympic bronze
medal "is in a lake somewhere," KMGH-TV in Denver reported, but
it wasn't clear whether he was joking. Anthony was unhappy with his
playing time at the Athens Games, and U.S. coach Larry Brown called
him lazy.