Silas has no regrets over actions

CLEVELAND -- Eric Snow's suspension wasn't as tough as
having to explain to his 6-year-old son why daddy wasn't at work.

The Cavaliers guard apologized on Monday for his part in a
heated exchanged with Cleveland coach Paul Silas, who suspended the
well-respected Snow for one game without pay following their clash
in Detroit last week.

"He's the coach," Snow said. "Everybody gets upset when they
come out of the game, but there's no need to show frustration."

The Snow-Silas confrontation began when Cleveland's second-year
coach pulled Snow from the game following an eight-second
violation. Silas was upset that Snow hadn't taken control of the
floor and sent in Jeff McInnis to replace him.

On his way off the floor, Snow cursed in Silas' direction as he
walked toward Cleveland's bench. Silas didn't stand for it, angrily
confronting a seated Snow before ordering him to the locker room
for the remainder of the first half.

Snow returned to the bench after halftime but did not play.

On Saturday, Silas suspended Snow for one game, docking him one
game's paycheck -- about $54,000 -- and ending his streak of 248 consecutive games played.

Snow, regarded as one of the NBA's model players, said he and
Silas have patched up their differences.

"We're moving on," Snow said after practice. "Things happen,
unfortunately. I apologize to coach. I apologize to the fans and
the team so there is no need to dwell on it. It's an unfortunate
incident. It was a misunderstanding, but he's still the coach and
he's still allowed to make the decisions that he wants to make and
players got to live with it."

While Snow was remorseful, Silas, who suspended forward Ira
Newble last season, said he has no regrets for the way he handled
the situation.

"If you look at any management-employee relationship, put
yourself in that situation. Would you curse at your boss?" he
said. "I posed that question to a player and he said, 'I would
hope he would only suspend me.' I could not see myself going to [owner] Gordon Gund and saying anything like that."

Making things more regrettable for Snow was that the altercation
came during a network TV game, and the incident received added
national exposure because of Silas' memorable postgame tirade when
he refused to comment, asking a reporter, "Am I speaking Chinese?"

Snow was also troubled by having to tell his son, E.J., who
wondered why his father wasn't playing Saturday night.

"I told him, 'Daddy had a disagreement with the coach and that
he respects the coach and listens to the coach,' " Snow said. "And
he said, 'Oh, OK daddy.' "

Snow, acquired by the Cavs in a July trade from Philadelphia,
was informed of the suspension when he arrived for a shootaround at
Gund Arena and he missed Saturday's game against the Celtics, who beat Cleveland 114-107 in overtime.

The 31-year-old Snow was one of five players nominated last year
for the NBA's J. Walter Kennedy Citizenship Award, given for
outstanding community service.

Silas said his relationship with Snow won't be affected by their

"He's one of my players and I love all of my players," he
said. "I look at them as my kids and in any family relationship
you're going to have problems. You deal with them, you get them
over with and you go on. I had problems with Ira last year and he's
starting for me, so I must not hold any grudges."