Hornets coach takes parting shots at Baron

NEW ORLEANS -- New Orleans coach Byron Scott called for
non-guaranteed contracts in the NBA -- and took a shot at former
Hornets guard Baron Davis, too.
"Basketball should be just like the NFL -- no guaranteed
contracts. Watch how the quality of the game goes up then," Scott
said Wednesday night before the Hornets faced the Charlotte
Bobcats. "Guys will show up and play because if they don't and
they get cut, what are they going to do?
"[In football] you have guys playing with broken arms because
they know they could get cut tomorrow. [In the NBA] these guys get
a broken fingernail and say, 'I'm out for two weeks.' "
While Scott did not name Davis specifically, he smiled when
reporters asked if his comments applied to the recently traded star
point guard.
Shortly after returning from an early-season back injury, Davis
turned his right ankle in a game at Toronto in January and missed
17 games because of a bruised Achilles tendon. He returned for one
game before being traded to Golden State last week in exchange for
Speedy Claxton.
"I never hard of a guy spraining an ankle, then missing two
weeks," Scott said. "You never heard about that in the '80s [when
Scott played with the Los Angeles Lakers]. That's unbelievable."
Scott's comments came only days after Davis, who was angered
earlier this season when the Hornets barred his personal trainer
from practice, compared playing for New Orleans to "being in