Gift intended for upgrading weight room

RUSTON, La. -- Former NBA star Karl Malone has donated
$85,000 to Louisiana Tech Bulldogs to upgrade the weight and workout area
that he initiated with a contribution 10 years ago.

"It's something I wanted to do to help Louisiana Tech
University's athletic program," Malone said. "It's all about
giving back. Current and future athletes at Tech can hopefully
benefit from having a weight room where they can improve their
strength and skills."

Malone played for Tech before becoming the No. 1 draft pick of
the Utah Jazz in 1985. Malone played for 19 years in the NBA, going
to the All-Star game 14 times. He retired as the No. 2 scorer in
league history.

Malone's donation to Louisiana Tech will result in a major
revamping of the weight room that is named for him.

"Basically, it's a totally new and complete upgrade to what we
have now," said strength and conditioning coordinator Yancey
McKnight. "It's going to be all new equipment and top-of-the-line,
the best there is out there right now. What this is going to do is
get us up to par as a top-rated strength and conditioning program,
the type you would find at schools like Florida State, Texas,
Oklahoma and others."