Silas apologizes for undisclosed remark

CLEVELAND -- Cavaliers coach Paul Silas apologized Wednesday for a derogatory comment he made about Utah forward Carlos Boozer
following practice earlier this week.

Silas made the remark to reporters Monday, one day before Boozer was due to make his long-awaited return to Gund Arena after leaving the Cavaliers as a free agent last summer. Boozer, though, didn't travel with the Jazz because of a foot injury.

"It was totally inappropriate," Silas said before Wednesday's game in Milwaukee. "It shouldn't have happened. I apologize for it."

Cavaliers general manager Jim Paxson said he spoke with Silas about the comment.

"I'm confident that he understands that it was completely inappropriate for him to speak in the terms that he did," Paxson said in a statement released by the team. "He greatly regrets it. Regardless of the circumstances, it would never be acceptable for anyone in our organization to speak in that manner at any time, regarding anyone, to anyone. We are very sorry that this occurred."