O'Neal latest athlete to grace box

MIAMI -- Shaquille O'Neal's taste in breakfast cereals might be changing.

The longtime fan of Frosted Flakes, which he once called "the
best cereal ever created," is the latest athlete to grace a Wheaties box.

The Shaq box, which features a picture of the 12-time NBA
All-Star in a red Miami Heat uniform on the front and a smaller photo in his white home uniform on the back, began hitting supermarket shelves this week.

"Sexy man, sexy man," O'Neal said Wednesday, after unveiling a
7-foot replica of the box.

Since 1934, hundreds of athletes have appeared on the Wheaties
box, starting with Jack Armstrong -- the fictitious All-American

Some of the other athletes on past covers include Lou Gehrig,
Chris Evert, Mary Lou Retton, Walter Payton, Larry Bird, Bruce
Jenner, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Magic Johnson and Michael Jordan -- whose 18 Wheaties-box appearances are the most of any athlete.

"It's actually an honor," O'Neal said. "I remember as a
youngster, going to the stores, seeing all those greats like Kareem
and Magic on the box and then saying to my mother and father, 'I'm
going to be on the cover of that one day.' And then they'd smack me
and say, 'Shut up.' "

But he made it.

"It's a big day for myself and for my family," O'Neal said.
"I think this'll be even bigger for my children. I'm going to go
home and tell them, 'Look. Daddy's a superstar. I'm on the cover of
cereal.' "