Trainer: Boozer surgery has been ruled out

SALT LAKE CITY -- Carlos Boozer will not play again this season, and the Utah Jazz will be down an additional player after coach Jerry Sloan benched rookie forward Kirk Snyder for Wednesday's game against Denver because he taunted the opposing bench Monday.

"I watched it on film last night, and I thought it was
ridiculous what he did," Sloan said Tuesday. "To me, it could
really have been a serious situation. We're lucky it didn't
escalate into something bad."

Meanwhile, trainer Gary Briggs said Tuesday that Boozer will miss the rest of the season due to an injury to his right foot suffered on Valentine's Day. Boozer has been ordered by his doctor to wear a protective boot over his right foot for at least three more weeks.

Boozer's condition has improved and surgery has been ruled out
for the time being, Briggs said.

"He is encouraged that his injury is healing and getting
better," said Rob Pelinka, Boozer's agent. "But Carlos is really
discouraged, [even] devastated, to find out he won't be able to
play basketball again this year."

Snyder, who scored 12 points in Utah's 99-84 loss to Houston,
got a loose ball and made a layup while being fouled. He struck a
pose in front of the Houston bench, hit his free throw and was taken out of the game by Sloan.

Sloan said he likes Snyder's enthusiasm, but wants it expressed
more professionally. "Kirk talks a lot," Sloan said. "He should
just save his talking for when the game's over."

Snyder said of the incident, "That isn't supposed to happen. It
was something that happened, it was unfortunate we lost, and we'll
move on."