Man sent 70 messages threatening Kobe's accuser

DENVER -- A man accused of sending 70 profanity-laced death
threats to the accuser and prosecutor in the Kobe Bryant rape case
was sentenced Monday to nine months in a federal prison camp.

Cedric Augustine, 38, of Long Beach, Calif., pleaded guilty in
March to a single felony count of making interstate threats.

A mental evaluation had concluded Augustine is mildly retarded
but able to make decisions for himself. He broke down in tears
several times during the hearing.

FBI agent Craig Byrkit testified that Augustine left 69
telephone messages and one letter threatening to blow up the Eagle
County Courthouse and other violence.

Augustine's attorneys had asked for probation and prosecutors
asked for a 10-month sentence.

The sexual assault charge against the Los Angeles Lakers star
was dropped in September 2004 after his accuser said she no longer
wanted to participate in the case. She and Bryant later reached an
undisclosed settlement in her civil lawsuit against him.

Bryant maintained the sex was consensual.

Two other people have pleaded guilty to making threats against
the accuser. John Roche of Iowa was sentenced to four months in
prison and a $1,000 fine. Patrick Graber, a Swiss man living in
California, was sentenced to three years in prison.