More tests needed for Collier cause of death

ATLANTA -- Autopsy results in the death of Atlanta Hawks
center Jason Collier will not be available until Monday at the

The autopsy on the 7-foot, 260-pound player has been performed
but other tests are needed, the coroner said Sunday.

"Due to the weekend and the case volume of the pathologist,
further testing will not begin until Monday," coroner Lauren W.
McDonald III said. "It would be inappropriate to speculate on the
cause of Mr. Collier's death until further examinations are

The 28-year-old player died early Saturday after he had trouble
breathing in his home, according to his father.

Jeff Collier told The Associated Press his son died in an
ambulance on the way to the hospital and did not have any diagnosed
health problems apart from his knees.

General manager Billy Knight said Collier had "no issues" in a
preseason physical given to all players.

Collier's agent, Richard Howell said his client was in good
shape. He said Collier and his wife ate at a restaurant Friday
night and returned home, where Collier spent time playing with his

"He started feeling real bad in the middle of the night," said
Howell, who spoke with Collier's wife, Katie.

Collier was a part-time starting center the last two seasons
after playing mostly as a backup in three years at Houston. He
began his college career at Indiana before transferring to Georgia

NBA commissioner David Stern said Collier "epitomized hard
work, dedication and perseverance, and more importantly compassion,
kindness and selflessness."