Kobe, teammates still in awe over performance

Kobe Bryant's amazing feat is all the talk. Check out what he and others are saying about his 81-point performance in the Lakers' 122-104 victory Sunday night over the Raptors:

Kobe on scoring 81
• "I couldn't even dream of this when I was a kid; it's a blessing from God to be able to play this game." -- Quoted in the Toronto Star

• "It hasn't really sank in yet. We have four days off coming up here and I would have been sick as a dog if we'd lost this game. I just wanted to step up and inspire them to play a better game and it turned into something pretty special." -- Quoted in the Los Angeles Daily News

• "To sit here and say that I grasp what happened tonight, I'd be lying." -- Quoted in the L.A. Daily News

• "I was just determined. Just locked in, tuned in to what was going on out there and blocking everything out." -- Quoted in the Orange County Register

Kobe on accomplishing feat with Phil as coach
• "It's special because we've been through so much. We've been through so many battles, we've been through so many things."

"And it's special for me because when I play the game, I play the game to try to please him. If he's happy with my performance, it makes me happy because I learned the game from him. ... He just looked at me and smiled at me and said he was proud of the way I played." -- Quoted in the L.A. Daily News

Kobe on framing stat sheet
• "I'll leave that to my wife. I don't know about that stuff. Maybe I'll look back at it one day when I have a pot belly and be happy she did it." -- Quoted in the Toronto Star

Kobe on Wilt's record
• "That's unthinkable. It's pretty exhausting to think about it." -- Quoted in the L.A. Times

Kobe on receiving call from Magic after game
• "That meant more to me than the game itself because I idolized him as a kid and for him to call me and tell me what a great game it was and how proud of me he is, that meant more to me than 81 points." -- Quoted in the L.A. Daily News

Phil Jackson on Kobe's performance
• "I wasn't keeping track on what he had, and when I turned to [assistant Frank Hamblen] and said, 'I think I better take him out now,' and he said, 'I don't think you can. He has 77 points.' So we stayed with it until he hit 80." -- Quoted in the L.A.Times and Daily News

• "To be honest with you, that's not exactly the way you want to have a team win a game. But when you have to win a game, it's great to be able to have that weapon to do it with." -- Quoted in the L.A. Daily News

• "Something to behold." -- Quoted in the L.A. Times

Teammates on Kobe's performance
• "I'm kind of lost for words. It was a pleasure just to watch him out here." -- Lamar Odom, quoted in the Toronto Star

• "He was ticked off. And it was worse because he wasn't saying anything. Nothing. That's when it's bad for them." -- Lamar Odom, quoted in the L.A. Times

• "It's a testament to his will." -- Lamar Odom, quoted in the OC Register

• "Can't stop God's will." -- Lamar Odom, quoted in the OC Register

• "He's the human joystick of basketball." -- Andrew Bynum, quoted in the L.A. Daily News

• "When he had like 57 and there were 11 minutes left in the game, we were like, 'Oh, boy.' I said 72. Obviously, I was quite shy." -- Chris Mihm, quoted in the LA Daily News

• "Like watching a miracle unfold." -- Laker owner Jerry Buss, quoted in the L.A. Times

What the Raptors were left to say ...
• "I thought my guys were there. Without a doubt he's a great player, and the thing that's most amazing is he's relentless. On that offensive end and defense, he just doesn't take plays off." -- Sam Mitchell, quoted in the Toronto Star

• "The thing about him that is most amazing is that he is relentless." -- Sam Mitchell, quoted in the OC Register

• "He started taking all the shots and we stood looking at him like we didn't know what to do. We have to know who we're playing. That's unacceptable." -- Chris Bosh, quoted in the Toronto Star

• "Wow. Kobe's an amazing player. I just give him credit. That's the second-highest points scored in NBA history. You hate to be on the negative side of history, but you've got to give credit where credit is due. He put it down on us, he really put it down on us. ... It's going to be talked about, viewed, analyzed, overanalyzed for a long time. Unfortunately, for us we're going to be on the wrong side of the analysis." -- Jalen Rose, quoted in the Toronto Sun

• "There's really nothing you can say about it. He hit some great shots, two or three pump fakes, fallaways ... I won't forget this game." -- Morris Peterson, quoted in the Toronto Sun

What the Mavs, who saw him score 62 against them, were thinking...

"You'd think the Super Bowl would lead 'SportsCenter' tonight. But you know it won't. It can't. Kobe will. He has to." -- Jerry Stackhouse, quoted on ESPN.com

"Imagine if our game had been close." -- Darrell Armstrong, quoted on ESPN.com

"How many assists? He didn't have any against us." -- Keith Van Horn, quoted on ESPN.com

"He took 47 shots?" -- Devin Harris, quoted on ESPN.com. (Ed. note: Kobe took 46 shots)

"I don't think that would be good from a team standpoint." -- Dirk Nowitzki, quoted on ESPN.com when asked if he could top 82