2006 NBA Teams Under Cap

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Free agents can negotiate with teams from July 1-11, but can't sign contracts until July 12. Based on an estimated $52,500,000 salary cap, there are five teams (Atlanta, Charlotte, Chicago, New Orleans/Oklahoma City and Toronto) that will have significant room under the cap.

The Los Angeles Clippers and Utah Jazz could have more than the $5,000,000 mid-level exception, however, those scenarios are unlikely.

Here's a salary cap breakdown for Atlanta, Charlotte, Chicago, New Orleans/Oklahoma City and Toronto and how much cap space will be available for each team. Maximum cap room can occur for each team if they renounce all free agents, decline team options and waive players with limited salary protection.

Atlanta Hawks

Free Agents: Anthony Grundy, Al Harrington, Donta Smith

Players Under Contract (9): Josh Childress, John Edwards, Royal Ivey, Joe Johnson, Tyronn Lue, Zaza Pachulia, Josh Smith, Salim Stoudamire, Marvin Williams
Total: $31,200,000

Shelden Williams Cap Hold: $2,460,700

Limited Salary Protection: Esteban Batista

Total: $664,000

Estimated Cap: $52,500,000

Max Cap Space: $17,900,000

Charlotte Bobcats

Free Agents: Lonny Baxter Kevin Burleson, Melvin Ely (restricted), Jumaine Jones, Bernard Robinson (restricted), Jake Voskuhl

Players Under Contract (9): Alan Anderson, Primoz Brezec, Matt Carroll, Raymond Felton, Brevin Knight, Sean May, Adam Morrison, Emeka Okafor, Gerald Wallace
Total: $27,240,000

Estimated Cap: $52,500,000

Max Cap Space: $24,000,000

Chicago Bulls

Free Agents: Randy Livingston, Jannero Pargo, Eric Piatkowski, Luke Schenscher (restricted), Darius Songaila (restricted)

Players Under Contract (9): Malik Allen, Tyson Chandler, Luol Deng, Chris Duhon, Ben Gordon, Kirk Hinrich, Viktor Khryapa, Andres Nocioni, Mike Sweetney
Total: $30,390,000

Tyrus Thomas and Thabo Sefolosha Cap Holds: $4,116,000

Limited Salary Protection: Eddie Basden
Total: $664,209

Estimated Cap: $52,500,000

Max Cap Space: $17,570,000

New Orleans Hornets

Free Agents: Rasual Butler, Speedy Claxton, Marcus Fizer, Aaron Williams

Players Under Contract (12): Hilton Armstrong, Brandon Bass, P.J. Brown, Marc Jackson, Linton Johnson, Arvydas Macijauskas, Desmond Mason, Chris Paul, Cedric Simmons, J.R. Smith, Kirk Snyder, David West
Total: $36,480,000

Estimated Cap: $52,500,000

Max Cap Space: $16,000,000

Toronto Raptors

Free Agents: Mike James, Darrick Martin, Loren Woods

Players Under Contract (9): Andrea Bargnani, Chris Bosh, Jose Calderon, T.J. Ford, Joey Graham, Kris Humphries, Morris Peterson, Pape Sow, Rasho Nesterovic
Total: $29,770,000

Limited Salary Protection: Andre Barrett, Alvin Williams
Total: $7,464,000

Waived: Alonzo Mourning, Robert Whaley
Total: $4,308,000

Estimated Cap: $52,500,000

Max Cap Space: $11,780,000