Baxter's prospects in Italy uncertain after sentencing

MILAN, Italy -- Former NBA forward Lonny Baxter's plans for a playing career in Italy are uncertain after he was sentenced to two months in jail for firing a gun into the air a few blocks from the White House.

"We haven't reached a decision on Baxter but to tell the truth we weren't expecting there to be such a serious sentence," Montepaschi Siena general manager Ferdinando Minucci told The
Associated Press on Thursday. "We will be speaking with him to
reach a solution."

Baxter, who signed with the Italian team for this season from
the Charlotte Bobcats, was sentenced to two months in jail
Wednesday after pleading guilty in Washington to charges of
carrying a gun and firing it into the air on Aug. 16.

The forward was originally scheduled to join Siena on Monday for training camp before the Italian league season starts Oct. 8.

Minucci said before the sentencing that if Baxter were unable to link up with his new team for a month or two, it would compromise his transfer to Siena.