Iverson faces fine for missing team bowling event

PHILADELPHIA -- Allen Iverson didn't show up for a team function on Wednesday night, and his coach says he's going to pay for it.

The Philadelphia 76ers guard did not attend a "meet and greet" event with sponsors and premium seat-holders at a Philadelphia bowling alley, and coach Maurice Cheeks told the Philadelphia Daily News that Iverson "will be fined accordingly."

"We would have liked him to be there, but he wasn't, and that was his choice,'' Cheeks told the newspaper. "I can't speculate on why he wasn't there, but he wasn't there.''

A source told the Daily News that Iverson was upset when he left Sixers practice on Wednesday morning. Cheeks said Iverson left early because he was "fatigued" and, when asked if Iverson was upset, replied "Whatever happened between him and me, I'd like to keep that private."