Knicks great Frazier seeks sit-down with Marbury

Can New York Knicks great Walt "Clyde" Frazier rejuvenate struggling guard Stephon Marbury's career?

Frazier told the New York Post that he's trying to arrange a meeting with Marbury in hopes of reviving the New York native's season before things get worse.

Marbury has been booed at home and benched during games by coach Isiah Thomas. He played only 24 minutes of the Knicks' 112-96 loss at Indiana on Friday night, going 2-for-6 from the field with one assist.

Frazier, whose new book, "The Game Within The Game," discusses the lack of old-school values in the current pro game, told the Post that Marbury seems to be struggling to handle adversity.

"I think [Marbury] sometimes gets a bad rap," Frazier told the newspaper. "Sometimes he sees me on the plane, points at my championship ring and says, 'I want one of those.' ... This is the first time he's gone through this type of adversity in his basketball career."

Marbury, averaging a career-low 10.7 points per game, told the Post he'd rather not talk about the hostile treatment from fans at Madison Square Garden.

"I have started out slow and I will pick it up," he told the newspaper. "And when I do, I will make sure that I stay on."