Karl questions length of Garnett suspension

DENVER -- Nuggets coach George Karl did the math and it
didn't add up: Denver star Carmelo Anthony drew a 15-game
suspension for his fight, Minnesota's Kevin Garnett got a one-game
penalty for another brawl.

"Obviously, if you land the punch it's 14 games," Karl said
Monday. "Throwing one is one [game] and hitting [someone] is 14.
That's the equation I read. I'm just a simple guy. I couldn't pass

Anthony was set to return Monday night when Memphis visited
Denver. He had been out since throwing a punch during a wild brawl
against the New York Knicks on Dec. 16.

"Being away from [basketball], it really made me think about
how much I appreciate it," Anthony said. "I wish I could take
that punch back."

Anthony hit Knicks guard Mardy Collins, who had collared J.R.
Smith on the way to the basket. In all, 10 players were ejected and
seven were suspended.

Garnett, a perennial All-Star, sat out Sunday night's game
against Phoenix. He was suspended after throwing a punch at
Detroit's Antonio McDyess on Friday night.

When McDyess knocked down Minnesota's Mark Madsen with a forearm
shove, Garnett threw the ball at the Pistons player. McDyess
charged with his fists ready and Garnett took a swipe at him. Those
actions, however, did not prompt a bigger brawl.

"I just thought it was kind of unique that everything that J.R.
and Melo were blamed for, Kevin Garnett did in the same incident,"
Karl said. "He escalated a fight, he threw a punch, he threw a
ball and gets one game. It was kind of a unique interpretation. I
know it's a hard job, but no, it doesn't feel like it was a fair

Anthony met with NBA commissioner David Stern last week to talk
about the fight at Madison Square Garden and said it went well.

"He explained a lot of things and made more things clearer to
me," Anthony said. "He got a chance to talk, I got a chance to
talk and hopefully we're both on the same page. It wasn't so much
of a message, it was just a generic conversation just to get
everybody back on track."