Wells wants to return to Rockets with new coach

HOUSTON -- Guard Bonzi Wells, who mysteriously left the
Houston Rockets team with five games left in the regular season,
said Tuesday he would like to return to the team.

Bonzi Wells Wells

Wells told Houston television station KRIV that while he thought
he was the missing link for the team that then-coach Jeff Van Gundy
didn't think he fit in.

"He told me that I could ask to be waived and I told him I
didn't want to be anywhere else. I hated the way it ended because I
really started to appreciate him," Wells said.

Van Gundy, who was fired as the Rockets coach on Friday, said,
"Perception and reality are often very different. I never thought
it was personal between Bonzi and I."

Wells thinks the anticipated hiring of Rick Adelman as the
Rockets coach is a good sign for Wells. Van Gundy agreed it could
be a plus for Wells, who played for Adelman in Sacramento.

"I thought it was like God sent him here for me. Rick Adelman
is a great coach," Wells said. "He's the best coach I have ever
had. He really knows how to relate to his players. He does a great
job of letting guys be themselves."

Wells signed a two-year contract before last season with an
opt-out clause after the first year. The contract is valued at
about $4.4 million.

"I have a decision to make and so do they. I wanted to be here
even if Jeff Van Gundy was going to be here," Wells said.