Free agent Peterson meets with Jazz

SALT LAKE CITY -- NBA free agent Morris Peterson said the
Utah Jazz remind him of his college team, Michigan State, which won
the 2000 national championship.

Morris Peterson


"The way we played there, there were a lot of plays coming off
screens. It's the same-style offense," he said of Utah.

Peterson traveled here to talk to Jazz management about joining
the team. Owner Larry H. Miller has described him as one of the
best players available this summer.

"I think they have a great team, and may be one piece away from
a championship or making it to the [NBA] Finals," Peterson told
the Deseret Morning News.

"From watching them in the playoffs, especially with the loss
of Derek Fisher, they need a guy who can come in and play some
defense and make 3-pointers," he said.

Utah is releasing Fisher so he can find medical care for a
daughter who has cancer in her left eye.

Peterson, who turns 30 in August, averaged 8.9 points last
season at Toronto.