Sharpton, Knicks' Thomas to hold joint press conference Saturday

NEW YORK -- Isiah Thomas and Al Sharpton will hold a joint
press conference Saturday, about a month after Sharpton threatened
to lead protests against Madison Square Garden for remarks the
Knicks' coach made about using derogatory language toward women.

A taped deposition played during a sexual harassment trial
against Thomas and MSG showed the coach saying he made a
distinction between a white man and a black one using the word
"bitch" toward a black woman. Thomas has repeatedly sought to
clarify the remarks, saying he feels it's wrong for any male to use
that language.

After Thomas and MSG lost in the trial, Sharpton said his
National Action Network would protest Knicks home games unless
Thomas apologized. Thomas and Sharpton spoke over the phone, with
the coach stressing that the tape was edited in a manner that
misconstrued his remarks.

The Knicks play their home opener Sunday night against

Rutgers women's coach C. Vivian Stringer also criticized Thomas
for his remarks, but apologized after speaking to Thomas and
getting his side of the story.