Kirilenko won't travel with Jazz to face Phoenix on Friday

SALT LAKE CITY -- Andrei Kirilenko of the Utah Jazz will miss his second straight game Friday at Phoenix, the result of being taken down by Dallas' Dirk Nowitzki earlier this week.

Nowitzki is serving a one-game suspension Thursday night. Kirilenko also missed Wednesday's game against Minnesota, which the Jazz won 105-76.

In Monday's victory against the Mavericks, Kirilenko was fouled as he was shooting a layup and Nowitzki pulled him to the floor, sending Kirilenko to the hospital for X-rays and an MRI exam, which came back negative.

Kirilenko, with a sprained right hip, went to Wednesday's game using a crutch and spoke about the incident for the first time.

"It looked nasty,'' Kirilenko said, according to The Salt Lake Tribune. "Probably the falling down wasn't too bad, but like the grabbing of the neck was not good."

He added: "I feel like my leg went one way, my body the other way and I feel like very sharp pain in the groin."

Kirilenko didn't blame Nowitzki for his injury.

"I don't really think he did it for like mean purpose, probably like because of the situation,'' said Kirilenko.