Coleman says he has irregular heartbeat, doesn't need transplant

DETROIT -- Former NBA player and Syracuse star Derrick Coleman says he doesn't need a heart transplant, despite reports to the contrary on Friday.

Coleman told ESPN's Stephen A. Smith that he is in the hospital for an irregular heartbeat but doesn't need a transplant.

Quoted in a story on the Detroit News' Web site, Coleman said, "Do I sound like I need a heart transplant? I don't know how this stuff gets started. I appreciate the love, but please tell everybody that I am fine."

A New York Post report said Friday that Coleman, 40, was in failing health and in need of a heart transplant.

Coleman is hospitalized in the Detroit area. According to the News, he is on blood thinners to dissolve clots in his chest. Coleman also told the paper that after completing treatment, his heart will "receive a shock" and he will go back to his normal activities.

He said he doesn't need a transplant.

"If I needed one I would be calling a press conference begging for one," he said. "This ain't that serious."