Davis hopes time off helps both issues

HOUSTON -- Los Angeles Clippers guard Baron Davis sat out Saturday night's 110-93 loss to Houston because of a strained calf and a recurrence of stomach ulcers.

Davis also missed Friday's loss to San Antonio. He strained his right calf in the Clippers' 140-135 overtime win over New York on Wednesday. Doctors in San Antonio diagnosed Davis with ulcers, an illness he said he's dealt with before in his pro career.

"It comes and goes. Once it calms down, I'll be able to play," Davis said, as he munched crackers in the locker room. "It kind of just came on."

Davis is hoping to return for the Clippers' next game, against New Orleans on Wednesday. He said the time off to treat his ulcers will give his calf strain a chance to heal.

"It gives me 4-5 days to rest, then get back to finish the season strong," Davis said.

Davis said he may meet with a specialist about the ulcers when the Clippers return to Los Angeles. He's taking medication now and doctors have told him to eat crackers and bananas, and drink plenty of water before he can return to action.

"You've just got to kind of deal with it," Davis said. "You don't want to take that chance out there [on the court] because the pain, spasms, it gets bad when my adrenalin gets pumping."

The Clippers also played without leading rebounder Marcus Camby, who's out a week or two with a sprained left ankle.