Report: Karl suffers setback

It is unlikely that Denver Nuggets coach George Karl will return to coaching before the playoffs, a source told ESPN.com's Chris Sheridan.

The Nuggets coach has already missed eight games since being diagnosed with neck and throat cancer last month. He is undergoing a rigorous six-week treatment program of radiation and chemotherapy.

Sources told Yahoo! Sports that Karl recently needed treatment for blood clots in his legs and lungs that surfaced while he was already undergoing treatment.

The Denver Post reported that Karl's life partner, Kim Van Deraa, discussed his recent health issues in her blog. "On Sunday afternoon we had to rush him to the hospital. His leg was extremely swollen and he was having trouble breathing. After a phone call to the doctor, we transported George to the hospital and he was admitted for blood clots in the lungs and leg. They decided to keep him in ICU so he could be closely monitored. Subsequently, he underwent some procedures to place a filter in the stomach to catch any clots that break loose and also treatment for the clot in the leg. By Monday night, he was much improved.

"We're not sure when he'll be released or when his radiation will continue. We're hoping both occur -- since it would mean he's gotten through the scare of the blood clots and we don't want to add any weeks onto the schedule of radiation."

Assistant coach Adrian Dantley continued to step in for Karl during Tuesday night's 109-104 loss to the New York Knicks. The Nuggets are 5-3 without Karl.

Sources told Yahoo! Sports the Nuggets remain hopeful he'll be back on the sideline for the start of the playoffs, but they're skeptical he'll coach much before then.

"He'll return -- we just don't really know the timing," one source told Yahoo! Sports. "It really depends on how he feels."

Denver's regular season ends April 13.