Doctor: Karl could be back for 2nd round

DENVER -- George Karl's doctor on Monday put the chances of the coach returning to the Denver Nuggets for the second round of the NBA playoffs at "two-thirds," according to a report.

Dr. Jacques Sarri told AOL Fanhouse that Karl's cancer treatment has been "very positive," but that Karl would miss the first round of the playoffs, which begin Saturday.

"I would say there's a two-thirds chance he would be back for the second round,'' Sarri said, according to AOL Fanhouse. "But that's a rough estimate. There's still a margin of error. ... There is no chance for the first round. He will need the rest.''

Sarri said recent test results of Karl's throat at Johns Hopkins were encouraging.

"It indicated a very favorable prognosis,'' Sarri said, according to AOL Fanhouse. "There is a 15 percent chance his cancer may come back after two years.''

On April 7, the Nuggets released a statement saying Karl had completed his second round of chemotherapy for throat and neck cancer.

Karl called the treatments the "toughest of my life." He also said he was eager to return to coaching.

Karl has missed 17 of the past 18 Nuggets game, and won't be on the bench for the season finale Tuesday against Phoenix. Assistant Adrian Dantley has been coaching the team in Karl's absence.