James eyeing NBA ownership

CLEVELAND -- Own like Mike? Cleveland Cavaliers star LeBron James could see himself following idol Michael Jordan into NBA ownership.

James, whose path to superstardom has followed a similar trajectory as Jordan's, said Tuesday night before the Cavaliers faced the Chicago Bulls in Game 5 of the playoffs that he would "love" to own an NBA team someday. Jordan assumed ownership of the Charlotte Bobcats in March, buying the club for $275 million from Bob Johnson.

"I would love to be in that position," James said. "It's a great position to be able to own a team and be able to put pieces together and make decisions."

The 25-year-old James, who has made savvy business decisions since joining the league, said he understands the challenges of ownership.

"It's definitely a tough job," said James, the league's reigning MVP, who is almost certain to win again. "But I love the game and I know talent. If an opportunity presents itself later on in my life, then I will try."