Wiz owner: Arenas won't wear No. 6

WASHINGTON -- Agent Zero's search for a new number has taken a detour.

Gilbert Arenas still wants to change his jersey, but he wants something other than No. 6.

New Washington Wizards owner Ted Leonsis revealed the news Thursday in his blog, but gave no other details.

"He would like a different number than new number 6 -- more as it develops," Leonsis wrote.

Arenas has worn No. 0 since college, but the NBA said in March that he had filed paperwork ahead a league deadline to switch to No. 6 for the upcoming season. NBA spokeswoman Kristin Conte said Thursday that Arenas later amended his application to a different number, and that the league was OK with the change.

The number switch is part of an image overhaul for Arenas as he returns from a 50-game suspension and felony conviction for brining guns into the locker room.

Neither Leonsis nor Conte would reveal the new number, and Leonsis warned against reading too much into Arenas' change of heart, writing: "This isn't the Da Vinci Code." It isn't likely, for example, that Arenas is making room for LeBron James, who has also announced plans to switch to No. 6. The Wizards have expressed no interest in signing the free agent from Cleveland.