Summer Forecast: Most Valuable Player

We've already predicted next season's Rookie of the Year, best newcomer and worst newcomer. Now it's time to move on to the big boys: Who will be the 2009-10 MVP?

Here's the voting breakdown:

2009-10 Predictions: Most Valuable Player

The skinny

LeBron James
LBJ was finally crowned king of the regular season, winning the MVP vote after finishing ninth, sixth, second, fifth and fourth in his first five years. Cleveland broke through with 66 wins, and might need an encore to get LBJ his second Podoloff Trophy. And overall the stakes are higher than ever, given last May's disappointment, the Cavs' Shaquisition and LeBron's looming free agency. Still, more than half of our experts consider King James likely to continue his MVP reign.

Kobe Bryant
The 2008 MVP finished second in last season's race, leading the Lakers to 65 wins despite his numbers being down slightly. In June, however, he proved he is still the top dog in the league by winning his fourth NBA ring and the Finals MVP award. Although Kobe faces a new set of challenges with teams now gunning for the Lakers and Ron Artest now in the mix, nine of our voters think the Dobermamba will seize his second regular-season MVP trophy.

Dwyane Wade
Despite the Heat winning only 43 games last season, Wade finished third in the MVP vote. That's how impressive he was in leading a young squad to the playoffs. Can he take the Heat to higher heights this season? It'll be tough with Miami's roster basically the same, and with its second-best player, Michael Beasley, struggling with off-the-court issues. But with Wade able to do more with less, six voters say he'll be deserving.

The voters

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