1. Miami Heat: Whose team is it?

Things are heating up in our Summer Forecast series. We're tackling five big questions on the biggest story of the NBA offseason -- the forming of the new Big Three in South Beach.

-- Miami Heat: Whose team is it?
-- Will LeBron average triple-double during the next six seasons?
-- Most games the Heat will win in a single season during the next six seasons?
-- How many NBA titles will the Heat win during the next six seasons?
-- LeBron, Wade, Bosh signing in Miami: Good or bad for NBA?

You can find the voting breakdowns of our 93 NBA panelists in the corresponding graphs on each page. Also on the following pages, the TrueHoop Network has chimed in with their thoughts on each question. Without further ado ...

Miami Heat: Whose team is it?

-- LeBron James' team
-- Dwyane Wade's team
-- James/Wade/Bosh's team
-- Pat Riley's team
-- Micky Arison's team
-- Heat fans' team

Kevin Arnovitz, TrueHoop: Pat Riley's team.

Riley conceived and constructed this team, and assumed the risks involved in doing so.

Dan Feldman, Piston Powered: James/Wade/Bosh's team.

James and Bosh don't care whose team it is. Wade does -- and he wants it to be all three's. So, that's what it will be.

Brett Hainline, Queen City Hoops: Dwyane Wade's team.

It was his when he won a title alongside the Big Aristotle, it will be his when he wins a title beside the Big High Schooler and the Big Hanger-on.

Spencer Hall, Salt City Hoops: Pat Riley's team. LeBron is a product of his generation and seems inclined to entitlement rather than leadership. Anyone who has heard Riley speak knows his influence. All leadership will have to start at the top.

Rahat Huq, Red94: None of the above. It's James' and Wade's team.

I can't allow myself to include Bosh in there. Not when addressing the ubiquitously consequential issue of "Whose team is it?" Far too much at stake.

Bret LaGree, Hoopinion: LeBron James' team.

Great as Dwyane Wade is, LeBron James scores more often, scores more efficiently, earns more assists, grabs more rebounds, and is three years younger. If the Heat don't become LeBron's team, something will have gone terribly wrong.

Rasheed Malek, Warriors World: Dwyane Wade's team, without a shadow of a doubt.

Wade has what LeBron doesn't -- a championship ring, which is why LeBron came to Miami. Wade is king down in Dade County.

Matt McHale, By The Horns: Let's get this straight: The Miami Heat belong to Dwyane Wade until somebody pries the team from his cold, dead hands. Figuratively speaking. Maybe.

Benjamin Polk, A Wolf Among Wolves: If you mean, "Whose personality will the team reflect?" or "Who will be the Heat's spiritual center?" then I'd say Wade. If you mean, "Who should touch the ball on every single possession?" then LeBron. If you mean, "Which of these people is a billionaire and owns every single person on the floor?" then it's Micky Arison.

Zarar Siddiqi, Raptors Republic: LeBron James' team.

He's the best player.

Ryan Schwan, Hornets247: Riley's team.

The team still isn't complete, and won't be until next year when Riley will be responsible for landing another contributor or two to make it deadly. Riley still controls the ultimate destiny of the team, and will control it even more so after the team fails in the playoffs this season, prompting him to push Erik Spoelstra aside and ride in to save the day -- along with an acquisition or two.

Michael Schwartz, Valley Of The Suns: Even superduperstars never truly win it alone, and that's really the reason this whole thing came together in the first place. Whatever happens with the Heat will be done as a trio.

Carey Smith, Philadunkia: D-Wade's team, no doubt.

Much like when A-Rod joined the Yankees, the Bronx Bombers were and still are Derek Jeter's team. Or going back a bit in NBA history, much like when Moses Malone joined the 76ers and they won the NBA title, it was still Dr. J's team.

Timothy Varner, 48 Minutes of Hell: The NBA is LeBron James' league. And if the NBA is James' league, how could a tiny subset of the league -- the Heat -- not be his team? The better question is, how will everyone else -- Wade, Riley, Arison, Bosh, Spoelstra -- accommodate themselves to James?

Jeremy Wagner, Roundball Mining Company: 100 percent Dwyane Wade's team.

LeBron proved he did not want his own team. Once you give that up, you do not get it back; ask Roy Tarpley.

Kyle Weidie, Truth About It: LeBron isn't even bringing his family to South Beach, and Pat Riley, he's not going to be playing or coaching (for now), right? It's D-Wade's city, it's D-Wade's team.

Royce Young, Daily Thunder: Wade's team.

One of the most iconic, well-remembered images of the past few seasons is Dwyane Wade standing on the scorer's table and shouting to Heat fans, "This is my house!" That kind of means that it's still his team, too.