Out of their league

Mike Montgomery is turning pro after 26 seasons of college coaching. Well, good luck with your new Bay Area gig. But don't worry, the door is always open for your return to campus.

Nothing against Montgomery, but the recent track records of successful college coaches on NBA sidelines is, well, not good. And we're not just talking about the Jerry Tarkanian era in San Antonio, which lasted all of 20 games (9-11) in 1992.

Maybe Monty will succeed in turning around one of the NBA's worst organizations. Maybe he'll end Golden State's decade-long playoff drought. Maybe he'll be the one who proves a college coach can get it done (long term) in the multi-million dollar world of the NBA.

Or, maybe he'll simply join the following list of big men on campus who found themselves out of their league.

Ron Buck is the men's college basketball editor for ESPN.com.