Introducing ... The Ten

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Nothing beats a live game.

Adrenaline pumping, perched on the edge of your seat as that LeBron James steal morphs into a streaking No. 6 jersey and elevates over the glistening coat of polyurethane-coated hardwood before crushing the ball through the basket to the simultaneous hollering of 20,000 of your newest, closest friends.

Together, you stare up at the Jumbotron to relive said moment.

Except you didn't have a very good view of the Jumbotron -- because you're not at the game.

ESPN presents: The Ten

Welcome to The Ten. You know all of these moments, observations and quips that matter are out there in the digital world somewhere. The Ten is ESPN's way of finding the best and delivering them to one place. Not a thousand, not a hundred, but just the 10 things that matter most about your team right now. A carefully curated collection of Insider analyses, tweets, stories and jokes that are pertinent to your team -- selected by avid hoops watchers in real time, during games and all day. If it matters to the digital conversation around your team, it's here.

Want to take a glance at the entire league? The Ten also has a national selection that continually refreshes with all of the big-ticket interests from the 16 playoff teams, along with the facts and curiosities you need to stay up to speed.

Missed that okie-doke ball fake, hesitation in-out dribble, cross-court alley-oop reverse slam because you were taking a photo? We've got the highlight cued up for you.

Didn't see the hilarious tweet by that famous comedian because you were at the game? It's ready for you here.

Want to know who wore it better in the news conference, Russell Westbrook or Paul George? We'll have the photos to find out which one rings true.

Every day during the 2014 playoffs, we'll be collecting the best moments where teams, games and social media collide -- not to recap a score, but to encapsulate the pulse and flavor of your team, without asking you to spend hours hunched over your smartphone to find what matters most.

It's The Ten.

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You can tell us your favorite moments and talk with other fans by using the hashtag #TheTen on Twitter and Instagram.