Hopefully the Finals go seven games

Business as usual.

After two games, we're in the same place as last year's Finals: Spurs 1, Heat 1.

Unlike last season, it was Miami who was the first team to steal a win on the road. The Heat now travel home, where they have not lost this postseason.

Hours after Game 2 ended, the media was still echoing, "Great game."

There is no doubt that we're in the presence of the two best teams in the league. I'd have no problem if the Finals kept repeating this matchup for years to come, although I doubt that Tim Duncan and Manu Ginobili have more than one NBA season left in them.

The Heat and the Spurs are the perfect antithesis. Miami is based on the weight of its individuality, while San Antonio is based on its collective game.

"They have the ability to give the ball to one of [their] stars when things aren't going well," Ginobili said. "We rely heavily on ball movement."

On Sunday, the star for Miami once again was LeBron James. The Spurs appeared headed for a 2-0 series lead, but then LeBron showed up in all his splendor.

San Antonio remained true to its strategy, but sometimes you just have to take a bow.

Gregg Popovich knows that the best way to "stop" LeBron is by giving him the outside shot and keeping him out of the paint. But when the world's best player is accurate from distance, there's not much you can do.

After getting Kawhi Leonard in foul trouble, James burned the nets when the Spurs defended him with Boris Diaw.

Erik Spoelstra had planned to give LeBron some extra rest after he suffered cramps in Game 1, but the difference in the team was noticeable with him on the bench. The Heat couldn't afford to fall down 2-0, so there was no time for LeBron to rest, especially since he had the hot hand.

Once again, the game came down to the final minutes. The Spurs were a little static on offense and the Heat were able to take advantage.

The Spurs settled for too many triples without rotating the ball and the result was empty possessions in the last minutes.

Tim Duncan played an excessive 38 minutes and attempted only one shot in the last period, when San Antonio failed to get the ball inside.

And as if that weren't enough, the nightmares of last year's Game 6 were revived, when the Spurs made only 60 percent of their free throws, including four consecutive misses in the last period.

"We weren't doing well from the free throw line," Popovich admitted. "But most of all we didn't move the ball well at the end."

Although LeBron James was the hero of the night after scoring 35 points and grabbing 10 rebounds, he didn't deliver the final blow -- at least not directly.

Chris Bosh, who attacked the paint more than usual, missed his first 3-point attempt of the night from the corner with less than two minutes left. However, he would get a second chance.

James entered the paint, and after dragging defenders, he found Bosh again in his favorite corner.

"I always trust in my teammates," James explained. "We have a mutual trust that leads us to where we are."

This time, the result was a triple that gave Miami the lead for good.

"I never played with a superstar who's so unselfish," Bosh said. "Even when he has a hot hand, he'll always find you if you're free."

And although Bosh has been the Heat's third option, they knock on his door when the game is at a turning point.

In fact, it was the 13th made triple for Bosh with less than five minutes left in the fourth quarter or in overtime that either tied the game or put Miami in front since 2012.

It's worth mentioning that Bosh didn't make any 3-pointers in the Finals last year. He's added a new dimension to his game, and Popovich will have to adjust accordingly. The best part is that no one has any doubt that he will.

Both teams have had very low points: Leonard hasn't been able to get into the series for the Spurs yet, and the Heat haven't gotten anything from their point guards.

In other words, there's still room for a couple of more wrinkles.

Luckily we won't have to hear silly reviews about LeBron James. That means that basketball will be the main protagonist.

And yes, I'll be honest with you: I want seven of these games.

The Spurs and Heat give a guaranteed good performance.