Game 5 Side Lines

Male of the Night

Bill Davidson. Not surprisingly, there were several good choices on this night. Ben Wallace would have been a worthy selection with his monstrous double-double: 18 points and 22 rebounds, including 10 boards alone in the third quarter. Larry Brown, on the night he became the first coach in hoop history to win NCAA and NBA titles, was another deserving contender. So why Davidson? Only because he became the first owner in major pro sports history to win championships in different sports in the same year. In fact, Davidson, who also owns the NHL's Tampa Bay Lightning, won his titles in the same month. If you keep track of such things, the Pistons were 12-1 in Las Vegas to win the NBA championship when the season started, and Tampa Bay was 15-1.

E-Mail of the Night

    I liked your article predicting that the Lakers would win in six games. Classic. Don't feel bad, though: Legler and Aldridge made the same mistake.
    Nate Sampson
    Flint, Mich.

STEIN: The only consolation I have is that the Pistons made lots of us experts look bad. I don't know anyone in the national media besides our own Ric Bucher who picked Detroit to win this series. But kudos to the Pistons. They deserve every "Told you so," because they were fabulous. As I wrote Tuesday morning, they're a fitting champion in this Year Of The Team.

Speak of the Night
"We let everyone talk about the Lakers until they were purple and gold in the face."
The Pistons' Darvin Ham, on the country's fascination with the team Detroit just beat.

Stat of the Night

Number of teams that employed Chauncey Billups before he landed in Detroit, more than any other player who has won Finals MVP honors. The previous record was three, shared by Wilt Chamberlain (Finals MVP in 1972 with the Lakers) and Moses Malone (1983 with Philadelphia).

Stat of the Frightful

Number of days until Kobe Bryant's next court appearance in Colorado.

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